I’m all right
If you can only be happy if I forget you
I can feel that I won’t be able to hold on to your heart, which already left
In order for us to smile at each other some day
I will smile as I let you go
Although I’ll probably drunk dial you from time to time and ask for you
You are leaving, you are leaving
You are leaving me here
You are taking all the memories that I loved and leaving
I am crying, I am crying
I am crying for you not to go
I am letting go of you, whom I loved so much
You are leaving
I don’t know if good days will ever come to me again but
I’ll have to stop – all the remaining love will probably go to that other person
Because I’m not yet confident without you
With all my lastly remaining strength
I try to hold on with my tears
To you, who is leaving – to you, who is pushing me away
The times where I got a rush by just looking at you
They become memories, which help me endure each night
You don’t have to cry
Please don’t be sad because of me
I can only live if you smile

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