Proud by Matthew James Thomas

All of my life, I have watched you
Climbing mountains, chasing dreams.
All of my life, you gave me everything,
But you don't have to give the world to me.

Just say you love me; as I am.
Say you want me; as I am.
Say I'm someone in your eyes!
It's all I wanted to be,

Oh, just let me go, I know,
One day if I'm allowed
If I am allowed,
One day I'll make you proud...

All of your life you've taken chances
You broke the rules time after time
All of your life you've gone your own way
So give me this chance and i'll go mine


And trying to please you, now, is all I seem to do,

I'm holding my dreams down, it's breaking me in two,
I've got to be me, now, 'cause there's already one of you,
I'm on my knees, so help me please?

Please don't shoot me down,
If though you can't see it now,
Some day I'll make you proud.

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