Jay Chou - Excuse (English)

Flipping through our photographs, thoughts of you are visible yet invisible
Last year's winter, we laughed very sweetly
Watching your tear-stained face, telling me goodbye
I have yet to hear it when you've already walked so far
Perhaps you have already given up on me, perhaps it is already very difficult to turn back
I know it's all my fault, please give me another reason, say you don't love me

Even if I don't understand, can you forgive me?
Please don't use parting (breaking up) as your request
I know wanting to go is your wound's excuse

Please come back, I will be by your side you until the very end
Even if there is no conclusion, I can still endure
I know your pain is the promise I gave
You said you gave me tolerance, and silence was because of acceptance
If you want to leave, please remember me

If you feel sad, please forget me

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