she and my past 1

Nurul. i met her in social network (mirc)
well that time i still in secondary school, 16 years old still young..
she is my first
in mirc i put my nickname as Amil89. well at first we just have simple chat

i didnt know that i spent my whole day chatting with her at cyber... 
and just one day, i got her phone number
im so happy... i didnt know just a simple words can make ppl flutters
at the end of conversation i said i will miss her,
i said that because i was rarely online in mirc, so next time maybe i will not see her again.

we keep sent sms, chatting and sometime i will call her
till she fall with me
i remember how much she care about me
since that was far relationship (johor - sabah)
she sent me an mms, im not a rich ppl
so that time i dont have a phone who can retreive a mms message
finally i borrow my friends phone to get that mms message
she gives me a picture with a two anime couple
i bet that she was really appreciate with our relation.

but not long after our SPM
she got PLKN and after that she met a new guy in there...
im happy for her.

nice girl deserve a nice man.


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