she and my past 2 (final)

since that day
she always have a time to come over my house.
but i have a quite strict family..
so my parent/siblings didnt comfortable with her visit.
coz i remember one day when she came to my house.
we spent our day make out in my room.
my little sis keep knocking my door if i and she have a problems.
coz she cant keep her moaning when im trying to mark all around her neck and upper breast.
to make it better i never invite her to my house again.

next place was my friend rooms.
well my friend didnt bother if i and the other friend comes over.
actually what we did at my friend room 99.9% was an intimate scene.
the room can accomodate more than 3 couples.
each one of us have our own space.
either bed, study table, or veranda.

i remember that time when i was sitting next to my friend bed.
she sat next to me.
slowly she pull my headset to hear what song im concentrate to listens.
the song tittle is "janji tinggal janji by KRU".
i said to her i like that song very much.
coz i cant realize what will my life would be if she left me with another man.
then she look at me and say that it will never happen to me
coz she love me so much, then she gives me a peck on my lips.

i still remember shes really cares for me..
it was sunday, and i have a lot of fun with my buddies
after that i feel so tired and make an excuse to take a nap.
then suddenly i feel something warm touch my lips
when i open my eyes i could see her wondering faces
shes so close and keep staring at me then she kiss me again
at that time i was so shy coz i realize that all of my friends
was in that room too, confius with her act i ask her
what is she trying to do, then she told me i was sick
she says that because she feel my breath was so hot
well the truth is,
it was a natural to me coz i alwalys have a hot breath whether i was a flu nor not.
i keep explain to her over and over again
but she still with her opinion,
finally i let her win by take care of me in that whole day
and she keep hug me all the time when i continue my nap.
as our loves grow i buy her a necklace it is my first gift to her
i can say that a gift for her lovely cares to me.

in school i cant keep my lust over me
whenever she comes to cooperative room
i always take that chance to lock the door and windows
like the predator i rip her school uniform and while glancing my gift hanging in her neck
and the fruit chain keep bouncing at her cleavage i crash my mouth over her.
i didnt care if other student hear her moan coz im overly enjoying that.
thus, it sign that shes mine.
and  the other cooperative member didnt curious with what was i doing in there.
coz  i was the chairman for our school cooperative club,
for them i always have a busy time managing our cooperative
well i cant lie to my self coz i love to focus my work beside the other.
but since i have a gf, her appearance surely change the things.
she make me became an addicted to her.
lots of make out in our school.
even after the school she always give me a long passionate goodbye kiss.
and that time something that i scared was taking me up

do i love her?


just a lust over her...

i keep thinking about that, then the days come.. 
after our usual make out she told me that she have a sicks.
definiatly, i was shock when she having tuberculosis (TB).
the fact make me feel mad and not a pity at all.
i being so harsh to her, i ignore her sms and call.
she keep following me when i was hanging out with my friend.
i can see in her eyes, she was truly fucking sick.

still i cant really understand my own act
what its wrong with me?
why suddenly i feel disgusting towards her?
when before shes the one that can TURN ME ON!
where is my careness, lovable, protection over her?
do i still love her?
i totally shame with myself...

finally i make a decision
i talk to her that our relation is over.
her tears keep flowing out from her eyes.
she ask me why i did that to her.
i lie to her that im having an affair behind her.
but the real reason i do this because im afraid  that her sickness infect me.
from that time im totally broke my promises

yes i know... im such a jerk

again nice girl deserve a nice man...
after the break up finally she met her true love
soon their get married, and have a baby
now, shes completely having a happy family :)


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