she and my past 2


my second girl.

she an athelete, tall, and have nice white teeth that makes a  pretty smile
plus her cologne makes you want to bite her.

we are in the same school, same badge but different class.
i never thought to date her after the gossip i hear from my friend
who i knew was a player, dump her for the other girls.
well this is not her first time to be dump by my friend 
coz almost all of my friend had be her lover
not because of love but most because of lust

so here i am try to be her saviour
by make a line "ready to be hurt then hurting the other feeling"
such a romeo

one day, our school have a soccer tournaments
and shes in our class since our class was near with the event
it was a hot day
and i keep glancing her, when she caught me she just smile
instead she  waving at me signal to come next to her.
i did it, then she ask me can i do a favour?
dont think twice, i said yes
and she told me to fan her,
at first i think that she do it because she want to make my  friend/her ex jealous 
but then she startled me when she lay her head at my lap.
i swear, sweat are all around my body.

day after day, we became closer.
still i didnt make a move, coz i still worried
if shes still in hurt by be lefting with my player friends.

its weekend, she came to my house.
my family is not home at that time.
so we spent our time with chat, watching a movie and have a drink
suddenly she ask me if i can take her sweets out of her mouth
i was to dumb to realize what was happen next
when she pull my face closer to her
and just a snap her lips crush with mine

man.. this girl was so bold

i was so shock at that time
i didnt realize when the sweets is already in my mouth after 
shes break the kiss.

i hold her hands and drag her to my room and before she utter a words
i let my lips crush with her again, at that time i just want to feel it again
its like i dont have enough of that kisses. 
in the middle of the kisses she let a chuckle,
it makes me want to deepen the kiss
her lips was so smooth yet addicting
slowly she push me in the wall and strandle my waist
didnt break the kiss i feel her tougue explore my mouth
i hear her moan and
at that time i didnt feel comfortable, i try to push her
but she resist and keep biting my tougue
it makes me weak, i let a moan
after she break the kisses she turn to my neck
she keep lick, nibbling and suck at my neck over and over
leaving me a big mark
i just let her coz its so hard to push her when it remind me my promises
to not let her to be hurt again.

before she left my house, she give me a peck on my lips
while saying "from this day you was mine".
and for 1 week i keep my towel hanging in my neck
whenever i go to downstair to have a bath or eat a dinner
i keep my love bite hidden to be known from my parents.
well thats doesnt stop me to be happy at all time
finally she was mine.


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