she and my past 3 cont.

Yes, i should get her love.

i dont care if my friend doesnt agree with my decision

i fall into her, and i swear i will make her to be mine

so, what is my plan?

because of my and her *session is different. so i have to wait for her until she finish her school.

everyday i will wait for her, at first she didnt know that im always follow from her back. i do that to make sure she ride bus safely. then she noticed when the other junior student make a stories about both of us. i remember when one day, i tell her to wait for me after school coz i want to company her walk out from school like i did before but she seem uncomfortable and just go out without informing me. after my hockey practise i rush to see her, but i didnt see her whether its in or out school, so i decided to run as fast as i could just to see her ride bus safely. as i came near to her and her friends she just gave me a warm smile and from that day, she just let me company her walk out after schools.

seems like i got  many rival.
coz the news of her man and her got fight separated all over her school and i got more shock when her bestfriend also have a crush to her.
my brain keep working out and say that "surely she will choose her bestfriend over me"  coz her bestfriend know how to take care her heart...

i remember the song that i write in my notebook.
the song that match with the situation i haved

so what her decision???
did her friend confess to her?
did i late?

*our school has a two session (morning and evening) both session has been separated for junior and senior student.


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