she and my past 3 (final)

Saturday morning...

that day, i brave myself to confess my feeling to her.
it was after i finish my taekwondo practise, there i saw her and her bestfriend. i try to act cool but deep inside i was bleeding seeing the one that i love happy beside the other. why should i think... it was just her bestfriend right? >< that bestfriend of her does love her too.
i cant control myself anymore when her bestfriend drag me to the corner and start a fight, i dont even remember why we had the fight but all i remember is the scar that i left  in my arms, the scar that show her initial "M" it feel pain but i dont regret anymore, coz in the end of the day, she choose to be with me not her bestfriend. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
after the incident we left the school park and i guide her until we arrive infront the bus stop, suddenly i take my hoodies off left me in white polo shirt, i lend my hoodies to her since i want to make that day was memorable to us.  the sky seem to get in dark and i guess shes worried about me coz she want me to ride the bus till the next stop cause my house and her house were in different ways, i try to be a good guy by listening her advise.

after that day, we became much closer. every weekend we spent the days with our own activities. on saturday will be me with taekwondo and football practise while her busy with athletic training. seriously im very proud to her... she is one of our school representive but her low attitude make me fall deeper into her. and the next day i will go to her place. she the one that can make me "turn off" cause i remember that night she make me promise to not doing 'something' with her. well, that is my own mistake for claim me as a hardcore straight edge, that means "no smoke, no drug, no alcohol, AND no free sex". 

hell yeah! i will not do that to her.... emm maybe just a kiss and a little bit of groping doesnt make a big issue right???  
>< yeah... im such a byun. no need to inform me.

but at least, i can hold her hands. this make me remember the scene when she are waiting for me finish my taekwondo practise. after one hour, my chief master told us to take a break. i make a quick run to see her at pavilion. there she is... her smile that make my heart melt... i make the time goes slow as i hold and caress her hand gently reminiscing that moment like i scare if that moment will end soon cause something deep in my heart says that i will lose her soon.

like my girl before, i buy her a necklace as a sign that i really appreciate of this relationship. the moments that i want to keep it as one and no others. i dont know why but as i help her wear the necklace i felt like i want to burst out my tears. is that a signal for me to leave her just like i leave my girls before?

yeah, soon we're separate...


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