she and my past 4 cont.

for the nth time
she reject me
she says that she still love my friend
even my friend dump her

i dont give up on her instead i try again and make sure that she see my love to her.
i want to protect her from any harmness that my friend gave her.
i will give her a gentle care that she need the most from any guy in this world.

finally she accept me.
its start when our school had a 2 night 3 days camping trip...

that night i came to her place, still i ask her to be mine
again she rejected my propose before she utter another words
i say that if she push me in a bilion times i wont give up on her
because i love her.
then i walk into my tent, suddenly
outside there was a thunder and heavy rain

its obvious when i see someone knocking my tent
one of her friend call me and says that she want come to her place again 
when i came near her, she says that if i dont come to her place i might get a bad fever.
i was startled when she resting her head in my lap.
we talk like we used to talk before, it seem the moment in a minute ago didnt exist
as we talk i listening to my favourite song
tittle Ku Bertanya by Adam. it was sooth and sad song.
before i know she pull one of my earphone and place it to her ear.
she listening to that song until she fall asleep.
carefully i lay her head on her blue towel,
her face was so calming and without saying a word

i kiss her forehead

finally the rain stopped
slowly i make my way back to my tent.


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