she and my past 4

Happy Newlyweds, Congratulations on your marriage, i wish you both all the happiness in the world.

tears that escape from her eyes makes me inlove with this girl
she never show her sadness behind the tears instead she replace with a smile
this situation happen in every time i came to my friend house. 

one day, 
i came to my friend house, watching a new dvd my friend bought. me and my other buddies were in the dining room, then i heard an argument. i guess my friend had a fight again with her girl, well my friend tottaly known as player. no wonder girls are drooling with that guy. tall, body build, know to play music intrument and a smoker.

much different from me
i am small, dont know to play any music and not a smoker just a boring and clean type of nerd who loved books and listening to all junk (sad song). totally im type of loser.

but i hate to admit to myself again and again
i will begin act like jerk once i inlove with someone.
because... another day after that scene, i go to a abondoned house where my buddies come for some 'injection'. Praise to God im a healthy freak!

outside, shes waiting my buddies finish that 'treatment'. i choose to company her then go inside and see my buddies with their own world. it was my first time to be near with her. i can see her face clearly, she is BEAUTIFUL 
i try to control my heart beat but it just a failed. she began our conversation like im her old friend, she keep talking about her and her relationship with my friend and just then i can see her eyes started watering
sure, my friend is a badass for broken her heart
she cry beside me... and this feeling is ARGGGGGGGGHHH

 from that moment, i swear and decide to take her with me.

i want she become mine.


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