she and my past 5 (final)

so my friends introducing me with this cute girl

different like my other ex'
she is in the other school
st. cecilia : one of popular school in my hometown
the school is full of girls.
pretty girls, hot girls, genius girls...

both of us didnt know of each other
she is my friends girlfriends
at first i was so shy 
the truth is im very talkative person
but when it comes to my crush
i changed to be the opposite ones

i forget how we became couple
might be, shes the one who break my heart

i remember when i came to her house
it was the first time i saw her in real
before this i just have her picture from my friend
because she want a silent relationship 
non of others know about this except our friends

i choose to sit on the couch near the main door
then she came and sat beside me
so close... her hair smell so good

sometimes it remind me of the song :-
It's in the way that you move me
And the way that you tease me
The way that I want you tonight
It's in the way that you hold me
And the way that you know me
When I can't find the right words to say
You feel it in the way,

she saw her picture in my phone
that was my wallpaper, i edit my picture and her picture
so it looks like we took the picture together
she say that i was so cute and sweet

i sense someone looking at us
then i saw another dude sitting not far from us
i can guess the uncomfortable in that face

after that, i and my friend going back home
i cant help to re-thinking about our sweet moment
even its just one day we have because
soon she will flight to the next city to joining PLKN

we keep contact, sometime we sent an sms and sometime i call her
thru day and night, i believe in our reationships
God know how much i love her
im so blind in our loves

my friend open the heart -break news to me
that my girl cheating on me
and what make me more shock is
the dude that i saw before is my girlfriend 'special friend'

i dont know what to do
so i gain my courage to ask her
she sound so happy when she pick up the phone

i remember her promise 
we she come back from her training
she will let me make love to her
kissing her, touch her, mark her, etc

tears doesnt stop fall from my eyes
still i can  control my voice and tell her
what my friend told me before

she keep silent
i keep waiting

she told that was true
that dude was her first love
and im just her 2nd to her
she and that dude have a fight before
because of her having affair with me
but then that dude forgiving her
she said she is really sorry 
and told me to

that night i start to cry...
i didnt care if my family hear me
staring at nightsky and wondering
if this is karma for me
i've been hurting many girls feeling before
and now it happens to me

everyday when it comes to night
i've been thinking about her
i kept crying and looks at her picture
my chest feel hurts

sometime i remember  the moment we shared
when she told me to find a song 
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvbMpTm0Dvs (click here)

then i realise the lyrics were match with the situation i haved
is she playing with me? or its just an accident?

4 month and 6 weeks
my life were sucks without her

eat less
lack of sleep
i'd kill myself
the song get stuck in my head
i try my best to forget her

it happens when
one year later...

P/s : Congratulations on your marriage, may you have a wonderful life :)


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