she and my past 6 (final)

love is blind
i was blind

i never have a big dreams
i am naughty
i love books
i love sports
but i have bad guys to friend with
they hate books
they hate sport
but they love to MAKE LOVE

i want her
so i must find a way to be with her
this is my last chance
im gonna pass the exam
so after this i will continue my studies
far from my house
but near from her house
im focusing my study
relax my body with all kind of sport in my school

she is my inspiration;
1st place in futsal
1st place in firemen marching
1st place in essay competition
1st place in history poem
2nd place in taekwondo
3rd place in soccer
almost every monday i stand in stages for being awarded

my happiest day
is when i get a chance to see her picture from her cousin
she is tall, white skin, doe eyes and have a shy smiles
i keep her image in my head
i become more interested in my studies
one of my friend say that i have the charisma
others were shock with my outburst attitude
im no longer a naughty person they have known before

i got lot of friend after that
a new friend of me gift me a present
she knew i love bandana
then she buy many bandana for me
i accept that and wearing the bandana everyday
until i lost the precious thing
my couple bandana

first i was so panic
second im afraid to tell her about this
i dont want to make her upset
so i keep silence about this thing

exam was near
we have less time to communicate
by sms or call

she need a break-time
focus on her study
i feel sad but if i love her
i need to understand
so she had my permission

1 weeks
we sent sms sometime
i call her twice a week

2 weeks
i sent her sms
she reply me rarely

1 month
i call her
sms her
i didnt get an answer

2 month
same like the first month
i start to worried
where is she?
i call her cousin they said
she back to her village in Labuan
why she didnt tell me

2 and half month
she sent a message
her phone is broke 
she used her sister phone
its a hard time for her
because she have a fight with her dad

i am so mad to her before
but after hear the explanation
i lost my word 
i really miss her 

i ask her if she want me to buy her a new phone
and send to her
she said no need for that
she promise me
she didnt lost like before
soon she will got a new phone

so im waiting
the day before exam 
i sent good luck message
for our final exam

i promise to myself i will score
and got a chance study in public university
after exam i still waiting for her replied

4 month
i get flying colour result
im so happy
i sent her sms
i pass the exam so well

6 month
i get a chance and scholarship from private university
i want to go but its far from her place
my mom told me to wait for IPTA result
1 week after that i got a congrats message
said that im selected to continue study in UMS (Degree in Communication)

i got the chance to
fly over there and find her
still i cant contact with her
i never been a loyal person
since 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
she is the 6th
for me she is the last one

am i too young back there
am i too dumb to realize
that she is leaving me
hanging me

was this a surprise?
my friend told me to forget her
she is just messing my heart
they told me im too idiot 
waiting almost a year
for just one girl

one girl?
i had many before
why this one girl
i got many chance to flirt with other
but why is one girl
the one i give my heart to
i give my feeling
i give my world
i give my trust
to her promise

but im too blind to understand that the true meaning is
"promises are meant to be broken"

her cousin told me she never get a chance to meet her again, because she moved back to Labuan

CRYING WHILE LISTENING TO www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSncHqR4YI4

to new readers
this is my past stories.

Thank You
The End.

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