she and my past 6


this is the story
long distance love

i never met her
i never knew her
till now

she had met me
she knew me

it starts when i got a call from unknown number
it happen 2 times in one night

before this i ignore all received call  from unknown number
but this time
i dial back

then i got a message from
the unknown number
ask me why i call?
then i replied, its not me who start the call
since from that night

the person i know as stranger
is looking up at me

a girl,
know my nickname as along
know my number from her cousin
know my face from school magazine
know my place when i hang out with my friend

is she a stalker?

i never knew this girl can open up my heart
my love experience before leaves a scars of mylife

this girls make me comfortable,
she know about my past, when she hear about that
i can feel her concern,
she also been hurt by her boyfriend
same like situation i haved

i like the way we are now
my friend told me, if i can forget my past and
create the new one

am i ready for this?
is she the one and last for me?

i take the step to proposed her
its like an awkward
we just contact with our phone
thru sms and call

at first, she reject me
maybe she not ready for this relationship
i understand because
im afraid if my decision eat myself back

she is not a replacement
i cant toying someone feelings
because im not a grudge person

day by day
i gain earn her trust
the relationship never began with
friends greeting, even when we chatting
we never put friends in there
so i believe she must have a feeling for me

but  i make it like i didnt see it
when she try to recall about my propose before
i keep teasing her, and say that im forgot about it
but in the end, she got my point
and say yes for me :)

from that day
i forgot about my painful past
and focus on her
everywhere i go or
whatever i do i always think about her

its like shes beside me
i learn to be loyal for her
even my friend told me that the relation like this
always have a risk i didnt pay attention for that advised

i remember when i go to Kuala Lumpur
i buy her silver necklace with a pearl pendant on it
it cost 3 month of my pocket money
but i didnt care because the money cannot buy my love for her

when i got home, i post that necklace to her.
not just that, i also post birthday present for her
i buy 2 same colour bandana for her
one for me and one for her
i even say that
"if i lost this bandana, it might be i lost your love too"

i never knew that my words
became a reality


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