my crush birthday 1

i never knew i can remember my crush birthday more than my girlfriend birthday.
[my crush likes my best friend]
January 3,

i used to know her when i go to my new school.
she so attractive with her cute voice
and acting so dorky infront of her friends
i always watch her when
-i hang out with my friends at the school canteen after the school

i try to be close with her
but its obvious one of her friend didnt like me
but yeah, i try my luck
so i need to be nice with her friends
its takes less than a week
i got her home number

i love to stay at the school 
-until the evening session class ended
so that time i will spent my time
call her home to chat with her

day after day,
i got addicted to hear her voice
seem like i cant stop my self to call her
i used any of stories to make our conservation
-take a long time to end

month after month,
year after year
i feel like
i have a feeling for her
so i confessed to her
then she tell me
she never liked me
she just look me as her friend
not more than that

i got so frustrated

4 year after that
we still go to same school
before we graduated from 'pra-u school'
i got a shock news she dating with my bestfriend
and their dating almost a year

its like the world weight on me

im feeling so sad,
my friend keep apologised to me
says that they never want to keep that relationship silent from me
but they do this because they dont want me to feel sad
but its happen
early or late
im still having this kind of feeling

how do i put my face
when all this years ive telling my friend about my feeling on my crush
and my crush
her girlfriend

shame on me

i look so pathetic


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