my crush birthday 2

[Silent Love]

7 February,


white skin, petite, and pretty hot chick!
she is smart, why i say like that?
its because she studying science stream while i sit next to her class
at first i saw her, i was stunning like a dumb
yes, she is so mesmerized
i love the way her staring
hell she was creepy cute

some of my friend says that she's snob
i dont care what my friend say about her
but i really like her
and i want to know her for real
but how?

so i need her phone number.
they are some junk ideas i used to know her secretly and a lil.bit openly
one of my friend used to be her closed friend
so she help me by give me an idea to play a fake sms on my crush
i've pretend myself as my crush old friends
the ideas goes pretty well but
it seems like she is to smart to be fool of us

oh boy... oh boy... oh boy...

the next part is
my great buddies, says that she like my crush
and i was like
no, that was effin' joke!
but yeah, that was not.
so, my buddies need my help to be their messenger

i was crying a river T_T

but who cares
friends is priceless compared to my stupid love right?
i thought so...
so, when i got her contact no. (home) by my others bestfriend
i used to call her with a public phone at merpati market
yeah, i know as a messenger i will call her first
then i will pass the phone to my buddies
the conversation continue until the end
God knows my buddies is the true Romeo when it comes to a "cheesy line"
sure my crush will melt by the way my buddies "word on her".

this become a routine of us
every evening after school we will hang out at the same place
but that time, i was just company my friend to call her 'girlfriend'

at that time i was
feel regret or happy on my friends
i dont know
maybe happy maybe not
well this is always happen when it comes to second hero
i feel like i was playing a character for a sad drama series.

do you want to know the ending?

well, i finally confess to her even i know she will TOTALLY REJECT ME!!!
hahaha... "i dont care eh eh eh eh eh"
it was the time when i came to my friend house
she ask me, if i want to go to my crush house
Man... i was so excited!
but i always felt shy like a moron, hohoho

when we are arrived
she welcomed us to her house
her family is so nice and her mom
serve us her home made traditional appetizer
its called "kuih puteri mandi"

back to the stories
that was my first time to see her the way she is
shes simple lady, can i say that shes the girl next door?
yes she is.
she captured my heart without she realized it.
she make me like a crazy fangirling over her

i remember the times when i sneaked
to see her matric card in her beg
-while she and her friend go to their next class.
after i manage to find her matric card
-and see her face in her matric card so clearly
i was like "Wohoo!".

you cant put a blame on 7teen, i was clearly enjoyed my teenager life
with a crush thingy ^^v

my left side give me an idea to steal her matric card but
my right side says "no" its not good because
i will make her sad if she knows that her matric card is missing, so i cancel it.

again, back to the stories
we chat a little, she ask me what is my idea for our design project
while i tell her, i cant focus myself and just answer her with my head hang low
shes like amazed with my ideas
i dont know if its real or she faked it
after bit goodbye to her moms and her old sister
we leave her house

suddenly the rain pour out
and i manage to call her name twice
like a brave dude
under the rain
i managed to say my confession that stuck in my breath for so long

" I.Like.You "

*i even draw this to my comic book before, but hell after i finish it, i thrown it away after 3 years i keep it. i think that was a lame stories.


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