my birthday crush 3

[Beautiful Girl]

9 April,

eyda. "Vanette Attack".

"the one i had crush on it, is her sister not her younger sister".

how i know her?

i keep my pace to going back home
but there is something captured my eyes


i never knew that this girl is include in 'my life book'

the stories begin...

i never see her face
but one day
my buddies ask me if i liked to play soccer
i say "i will loved too".

i've use to seen that woman
i call her auntie.
it was evening, i see that auntie again...
she called me "Along, come here..."
the best words i can give to that auntie
is she is very cool and i respect her
what i know is that auntie is a mother to my junior
that evening, she introduce me to all of the student in her van.

i cant keep my eyes on the passenger seat
i know the one who i saw last day sat on the same seat
as auntie explain to me
im just looking down cause afraid if the 'beautiful girl'
saw me peeking her

not long after that i've heard that the girl i interested
is a sister to my junior also a daughter of that auntie

about the soccer team
that auntie also is one of the player
so is it, i can see that beautiful girl again?

i cant control myself
i feel nervous and excited all of sudden
she made me crazy over her

this is me

as we practise at the field
i cant sense my foot on the ground
just by looking her side
make me faint

it was very sad, i quit from that team
cause my mom doesnt agree me to join outside activity

so what is my plan?
how can i get her number?

i ask from her baby sister

after i got her number
i was too shy to text her
im afraid if shes not replied my message

but guess what?
super zero, fool and this dummy
got her replied messages


so, we keep chatting
but i realised that i used maxis number
and that beautiful girl used digi number
so i buy new simcard (digi)

i knew her from the message she send to me

Hari Raya is coming
my hyung ask me
to join them celebrated at their friends house
as maknae i just follow the older

i text her and told her im out with my friends
she ask me "where to?"
so i replied her the name of that place

as i arrived to my friends house
i got text from her
she say that we can meet at one of the bridge
i was so damn excited!
so i prepare myself and go to meet her
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes...
until 1 hour...
but i keep waiting for her

there are so many people i cant recognise her face
i text her what kind of dress that she wearing
and she reply me black kurung




is that her? she is so mesmerized
im not lie to myself
she is so beautiful

i keep staring at her
my friend ask me is that the girl i saw
"is really her?"
"if she is why she doesnt look like search for you"?

i lost my word
that question stop me to prooved
to my friend that was her
that goddess is her

Yes, i never see her face to face
because i only see her whereas
behind her back or side of her faces

God, im helpless

as i turn around to see her again
she no wheres to found
i see to my right and to my left
she nowhere to found

because of my lack confidence
i lost my chance to meet her

pabo along pabo!

i hurriedly text her...
but she not reply my message
i call her
but its failed
touchlick here, touchlink there
i keep call her till my phone credit finish

that was a bad day for me

after that day,
i was wondering if i want to stop it here
i mean i want we 'to be happen'
what are i afraid for
i dont have confidence at all

it might be she doesnt think and feel
like im feel and thinking

one of the song catch my ear
as i tried to keep her away from my head

i trying to stop all this nonsense
and its happen
after i found 'my half'
all my attention on her seem changed
bit by bit

after i lost contact with linda
i broke my simcard into two

never to thinking deeply
with what i had done
because of that
i 'lost' her too

i still had a chance
social media can help me
name it
myspace, friendster, facebook, tagged, hi-5, etc

i didnt realised that im searching her for
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years

till now




my buddies told me
that her sarjan know about me
then i ask my buddies
who is that sarjan?

"that sarjan is..."
suddenly i feel so excited

that night i feel an urge to see my buddies fb wall
i recognise this one pic.

its her mom.
i click on it.

i see her mom fb.
i open it.

i see many picture on her mom wall.
i'ved seen this beautiful young girl

maybe not in reality
maybe in my dreams
the girl i fell for 7 years ago

finally i found her again

God this is true.
Praise be upon Allah.

next step, how suppose i woo her again
my mistake xD i mean how suppose i say hi to her again

add her acc. facebook?
no. she might approve me but i want some medium
that can make me feel near her
i know this is such a crazy thing anybody could hear it
but this is what i felt, idk maybe i afraid to lose her again

arghhhhhhhhhh my mind cant think properly
in the name of Allah, what am i thinking she is just a crush

guess what?
God love me
just see url on her facebook
give me an idea to put it into my wechat and kakao
and i'ved made it!!!

not for a quite minute
but finally she approve my request


i hope this will be a better ending life story


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