Lucky days.

i text with her while im still eating my lunch lol
she said she still didnt have her lunch today
so i thought too buy her lunch yay~~~

i ask her what she want to eat
she said no it will be burden me
but i insist to buy her lunch (without she know it) kkk

so after i eat and done with my zohr prayer i rush to my beloved car
Thanks Allah give me an idea to buy her lunch near my house
after i pay for the tapau, i go to her house

as i reach her house i call her and tell her i go up to her house
hah! gotch her, after blabering me for a while i made my way to her house

tok tok tok

then there she is
beautiful girl, how lucky i am to have a beautiful friends like her

she invite me to come in
while she do her homework
im watching television

after done with it she ate her lunch :)
an hour later her mom, elder sister, brothers and her brother in law back from outing


its evening, i made asr and maghrb prayer at her house
its been 5 days since my mother outstation i get bored in home which is leave me and my super-dad so
i get aunt/her mother permission to bring her daughter to my house
after i get aunt permission and have my great dinner in her house
i take her to my parents home*

for the first time i saw
she's a little bit shy
cute right :)

*Thanks for the slurping coconut-magic :P

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