i met miss beautiful today
i met her after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..

1 week


yep, just 1 week but i missing her like crazy

she ask me "how are you?"

i said "fine" simple yet lie

no, uh why dont i say

"nop, im not fine im totally miss u, can't u see it?"

tsk.. coward

im so happy to see her again
and to have her sit beside me

God knows how to make me feel right

i love u Allah


this evening i make her mad

my childish act can't make things up

moreover, i make her blow up when taqqi nearly hit the other car

idk but what i know is i failed to be a good friend for her

to protect her from harmness and dangerous

its better if i stay away from her

sorry but i am too love to hurt u

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