I still remember the time
I still court you
I will visit you every night just to see your smiles
And then I will say this to you..
Tomorrow at 7,
the place where we usually meet each other before

My day is complete just by hearing your voices
Even though I don't know where you are
Even though we don't have communications
I will wait for you all day-night
Because you are my life

I still remember when I only think of you as a wish
I will deliver and fetch you
Even if the ones I will pick were the stars,
I will pick it
I will court you everyday
I will serenade you always

If you think that my love for you will change
Mark my word
Even if my hair will turn white
Even if my skin wrinkles
Even if you already have difficulties in opening your eyes
Even if you cannot reach the floor anymore
Even if you cannot hear me anymore
You are still
My life

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