Don’t think about anything
Don’t even speak
Please just smile for me

I still can’t believe it
Everything feels like a dream
Don’t try to disappear

Is it true? Is it true?
You You
So beautiful, so terrifying

Untrue Untrue
You You You

Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break
I’m afraid afraid afraid

I wanna stop time
When this moment is done
Would it be like a fantasy
Would I forget you
I’m afraid afraid afraid

Butterfly, like a Butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like
Butterfly, like a butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like

You’re like a Butterfly
I stare at you from afar
If I touch, will I lose you?
This mud like
Night, you light it up
A little gesture
And I suddenly forget about reality

You’re like stroking wind
You’re like a softly lying dust
You’re there but I can’t reach you
You’re like a dream to me, butterfly, high

My heart lets out a desperate sound
I can’t tell if it’s fantasy or reality
My paradise
Please don’t go deep into the woods
My heart pours affection on you
My feelings melt and leak
(I just wanna dissolve)
My love is eternal
It’s all FREE for you

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