the sky drenched by the rain is ruined to the last detail

you said you didn't know why our hands were held at that moment

i hung dry my silence, rashly regretting

even if this was a mistake, It's just the fear of missing anything out

when we're together, it's called a dream

when we're separated, it's called pain

is it possible to say that unfinished dreams are most agonizing?

the consequences of getting lost, i can bear

the last exit is only visible after having/being loved

can you spare me the time of a song

tightly securing a hug and making it forever

in my arms, you can erase the fears of having sleepless nights

oh~ if you want to forget, i can lose my memories too

can you spare me the time of a song

say goodbye only when the story has finished

the tears you gave, i'll keep it for rainy days

oh~ crossing the limit you drew, i decided where my courage will end

you said i should not,
should not, should not have at that moment said i love you

how do i prove that i've not even an ounce of energy left to fabricate lies

oh~ please tell me if pausing 
a moment is equivalent to giving up forever

i've only memories of that day

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